The Interpreting Collective Ltd

We are a Board of three Directors: 

Specialist language

Other members are helping us on a voluntary basis in their spare time in order to build TIC’s digital platform and its other structures, and membership numbers are increasing at this present time.

Structure of the Co-op

Our legal structure is that of a Mutual Co-operative Society.

This means that we don't seek to maximize and make large profits or capital gains. Funds will be used to improve our Co-operative in order to provide a better service to its members and the community that it serves.

There is an elected Board of Directors (BoD) and some decisions on how to run the day to day business of the Co-op is delegated to them.

There is a governing document that has been approved by the Financial Conduct Authority. It states how the Co-op must be governed, defines the powers of the BoDs and of its members, and how the funds and surplus must be used.

Rules on the governing document (that is 23 pages long) cannot be changed without the co-operative’s members’ approval, which is then followed by the FCA’s approval.

Our governing document can be found on the FCA website under the Mutual Societies Database Register.

Any decisions that will have consequences must be discussed and voted on by the membership.


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