The Interpreting Collective Ltd

The Key 7 Co-operative Principles

Open Voluntary Membership

Membership is voluntary and is non-discriminatory. We are open to all persons able to meet the entry criteria as a professional Language Service Practitioner.

Democratic Control

The Interpreting Collective Ltd. is an ethical and a democratic organisation controlled by its members who actively participate in setting policies and making decisions. Any elected representatives are accountable to the membership. Members have equal voting rights: one member one vote, regardless of any financial investment made into the co-operative (unlike some privately owned companies).

Member Economic Participation

The Interpreting Collective Ltd. has a strong commitment to diverse communities with limited English proficiency and limited access to professional service providers and the Interpreting and Translating community. We offer choice, ease and value for money. Members allocate surpluses for the following purposes: developing the co-operative, setting up reserves, benefiting members in proportion to their transactions with the co-operative, and supporting other activities approved by the membership. Members contribute to, and democratically control, the financial resources of their co-operative.

Autonomy and Independence

The Interpreting Collective Ltd. functions for the autonomy and independence of interpreting and translating services, for the professionals who provide those services and the members of the community who access them.

Education, Training and Information

Our members will work together to educate and promote a model service that is mutually beneficial to all. We shall provide education so that our members, elected representatives, managers and employees can contribute effectively to the development of the co-operative, and the general public will better understand co-operatives.

Co-operation among Co-operatives

The Interpreting Collective Ltd. is committed to strengthening the organisation and the co-operative movement together with platform co-operativism by working together through local, national, regional and international structures.

Concern for the community

The Interpreting Collective Ltd. is committed to the diverse communities with limited English Language Proficiency and carrying out Interpretations and translations for these communities. We shall work towards the sustainable development of our community through policies accepted by our members.


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